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Home Delivered Meals
For El Cerrito, Kensington, Richmond Annex
Administered by El Cerrito Recreation Department
Open House Senior Center

What is a home delivered meal? It is a hot lunch delivered to your home by volunteer drivers, Monday and Friday.

Who is eligible? You are eligible if you are 60 year old and above, homebound and have difficulty preparing your meals. If you have a caregiver, we can still bring meals to you to allow some respite for your caregiver. Meals are available  on a short-term or a long-term basis.

What type of food is served? Most of our meals are "no added salt". They include a hot meat entree, a hot vegatable & staple, and a cold portion that includes 2% milk, bread and margarine, and dessert or fruit. We also can provide a meal that is very low in sodium. This is usually for those whose doctor prescribes a restricted sodium diet. 

What about weekends? While we do not deliver a hot meal on Saturday, Sunday or major holidays, we can deliver two frozen meals on Friday along with that day's hot meal. Some people choose to receive the frozen meals; others prefer to make some other arrangements for the weekend or holiday.

Is income a qualifying factor? No. The meals are delivered because of difficulty in preparing a well-balanced meal. We determine the fee based on a sliding scale.

If this sounds like a service that could help you, a loved one, or a neighbor, please call (510) 412-0166 to register for Meals on Wheels.