How do I apply and pay for an Encroachment permit?

Click on Apply/New Permit link.

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Mark I Agree radio button to agree to the terms and conditions.  Click on CONTINUE button.  

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In this Step 1, click on the PERMIT Type drop down and select the type of permit you are applying for.

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Fill in Short Description, Job Value, and additional requested information about the job.

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In the Location section, type in the complete or partial address in the Search Value text box.  Click on the SEARCH button.

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 Select the correct address by clicking on it. 

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The Location section will change to displaying the correct PARCEL NUMBER and address similar to below:

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Make sure the Contractor box is checked.

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In the Attachments section, upload your file(s) if applicable.

Click on the Select button.

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Browse to the location where you have the file you need to upload.  Highlight it and click on the Open button.

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Type in a short description in the Description text box.  Click on the UPLOAD button.

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Click on the ACCEPT button to acknowledge the disclaimer.

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Observe your file is now listed as attached to this permit. 

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Repeat steps in Attachments section above for additional files that you wish to add to this permit.

Click on NEXT STEP button to proceed to the next step.

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 In Step 2 of the process, verify all the contact information.  Click on NEXT STEP button.  

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In Step 3 of the process, review all the information.  Click on NEXT STEP button.  

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Your application will be reviewed by the city.   Click on VIEW PERMIT button and note your new Permit Number for future reference. 

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Wait for an email from one of the city’s Permit Technicians.  Click on the link to revisit the eTRAKiT website. For login assistance, see FAQ page.

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Locate the permit under My Active Permits.  Note the clickable amount under the FEES DUES column.  Click on the amount.

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In the Shopping Cart page, double check to make sure the permit number is correct.  Click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. 

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In the Checkout Summary page, make sure you allow Pop-ups and Redirect for  Click on PAY BY CREDIT CARD button.  

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You will be redirected to a new Payment webpage.   Please fill in the needed contact fields under Payment Information.  Under Payment Method, mark the Credit Card radio button.  Fill in your credit card information.  Click on the Continue button.

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Mark the checkbox for “I authorize payment and agree to the Payment Authorization Terms”.  Then click on the Pay $xxx.xx button.

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If you got logged off, please select your company name, type in your password, and click the LOGIN button 

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You should see your payment confirmation page now.  

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