Do police labor unions have special protections in El Cerrito?

All internal investigations in El Cerrito comply with section 3300 of the California Government Code. This means that officers are afforded some procedural guarantees when they are the subject of an investigation. The section outlines employer requirements, such as allowing an officer to have a representative present, telling an officer the nature of an internal investigation, and restricting how many people can ask questions during an interrogation. These protections are required by law and are also extended to all ECPD employees because they provide reasonable guidelines for how an investigation should be conducted.

The labor contract for law enforcement in El Cerrito does not require binding arbitration. This means that employees can not require the use of an arbitrator if they disagree with the outcome of an investigation or recommended discipline.

Some have asked why officers continue to be paid while they are under investigation. This is because the state requires that agencies afford employees “due process” before terminating their employment. An investigation is considered one of these “due process” systems.

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