How do I complete my Statement of Economic Interests?
This depends upon what interests you are required to disclose, and what interests you hold. The City Clerk will supply you with the Form 700, the Reference Pamphlet, and the appropriate department or commission disclosure appendix.
  • Complete the top section of the Cover Page of the Form 700 with your full name, mailing address (may be a business address), and daytime phone number.

  • Section #1, Office, Agency or Court: Put the name of the department you work for or your board or commission on the first line. On the second line, if you are in a department that is broken into divisions, please list your division and put the name of your position as it appears in the Conflict of Interest Code. There are a few people who hold more than one designated position. They may file a single “expanded statement,” which discloses all the interests required of them by jurisdiction and each disclosure category. Since a statement needs to be filed with both jurisdictions, the statement can be completed by listing both jurisdictions and position titles, reporting disclosure requirements for all positions. Each statement must be filed with an original signature. Therefore, before signing the statement, make a copy for each agency. Sign each copy with an original signature and file with each agency.

  • Section #2: Your jurisdiction is the City of El Cerrito

  • Section #3: You will be advised by letter of the type of statement, whether Assuming, Annual, or Leaving. If Assuming or Leaving, check the appropriate box and fill in the date, if not pre-marked by the City Clerk’s Office. If an Annual Statement, the box will be pre-checked.

  • Period Covered: For the Annual Statement, remember that you are disclosing information from the previous calendar year. For an Assuming statement, you are disclosing information from the year prior to your appointment date.

  • Carefully review your disclosure category to determine if you have reportable interests.

  • Read the instructions for each schedule of the Form 700, and be sure to use the appropriate schedule for each type of interest you must report. Put your name on each schedule you complete.
  • When you have completed the appropriate schedule(s), go back to the Cover Page of the Form 700. Go to:

  • Section #4, Schedule Summary: If you have disclosed reportable interests on any of the schedules, attach them to the Cover Page. Please check the appropriate box or boxes in Section #4. You are confirming that one or more schedules are attached to the cover page and contain information that you are required by law to disclose. Please recycle any schedules you don’t use.

  • You may have no interests of the type you’re required to disclose, according to your conflict of interest code. If you do not complete any schedules, check the “No Reportable Interests” box and file only the completed and signed cover page with the City Clerk.

  • Indicate the total number of pages completed including the Cover Page.

  • Section #5, Verification: You must date and sign the cover page. The Form 700 cannot be accepted without your original signature.

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