What is a Conflict of Interest Code?

A Conflict of Interest Code is a set of rules and regulations adopted pursuant to the Political Reform Act. The Act requires all California cities to adopt and implement a Conflict of Interest Code.

Each Conflict of Interest Code designates positions required to file a Statement of Economic Interests - Form 700, and assigns disclosure categories specifying the types of interests to be reported. The Form 700 is a public document. In the City of El Cerrito, disclosure requirements for positions and commissions designated in the City’s Conflict of Interest Code are identified in Appendix A. Disclosure requirements are stated in Appendix B. City Councilmembers, the City Manager, City Attorney, City Treasurer and Planning Commissioners are required by state law to file at the highest level. The types of interests that must be disclosed depend upon the responsibilities of the designated position. The disclosure requirements may include the reporting of investments, business positions, interests in real property, income and other financial interests. The Political Reform Act contains specific provisions setting forth the circumstances under which employees and commissioners must disqualify themselves from making, participating in or influencing a governmental decision. The City Clerk administers the  Conflict of Interest Code at the local level and notifies elected officials and each designated employee and commissioner of his or her filing obligation. State law requires cities to conduct a biennial review of the Conflict of Interest Code to ensure that designated positions and disclosure requirements are kept current. Codes and code revisions are adopted by City Council resolution.

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