How do I report graffiti? Who is responsible to remove graffiti?

Graffiti on public and private property should be removed in a timely manner. Reporting the physical location and description of graffiti to Code Enforcement via the online form, email, or call 510-215-4363, who facilitates removal and gathers information that can help identify trends. If the graffiti is on private property, the Code Enforcement Officer will contact the affected property owner regarding removal. If the graffiti is on your property, you are responsible to remove the graffiti in a timely manner. Property owners who have been tagged are encouraged to report the graffiti to the Police Department’s non-emergency dispatch line, 510-233-1214. If you can take pictures of graffiti before it is removed, this will assist the Police Department. Please be sure to note the location of the tagging and the date the pictures were taken. Graffiti is a crime. If you witness a crime in progress (including tagging), or want to report suspicious activity, call the Police Department right away.

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