Annual Clean-up

FREE one time per calendar year (January through December), households and businesses within El Cerrito can arrange an Annual Clean-up for certain materials to be collected at curbside:

  • Recycling - Contact El Cerrito Recycling at 510-215-4350 or to arrange a pick-up, typically scheduled to occur on a Thursday between 8am and 4pm. Arrange at least one week in advance.
  • Garbage and Green Waste - Contact East Bay Sanitary at 510-237-4321 or to arrange a pick-up, typically scheduled on your regular curbside solid waste pick-up day.
Items Accepted for Recycling Annual Clean-Up:

  • 12 bags / bundles of sorted recyclable materials (Paper, Books, Bottles, Cans, etc.), no heavier than 25 lbs. each, in clear or paper bags or boxes; and
  • Bundled Cardboard, no larger than 36x36 inches; and
  • 1 large electronic item (like an old TV or Monitor) or 3 small ones (CPUs, Phones, etc.)
Please Note: We will not pick up loose cardboard and are not responsible for cleaning the street if materials are improperly bagged or bundled.

Items NOT Accepted for Recycling Annual Clean-Up (partial list):

We are no longer able to accept appliances


Resource Information Guide

of items we cannot take.