12 Wind Sculptures

“12 Wind Sculptures” is the San Pablo Avenue Streetscape Public Art Project by Jonathan Russell and Saori Ide.

The work was commissioned by the City of El Cerrito in 2009 and was completed in 2013.

Download the self-guided tour flyer
Download the flyer with information including the sculpture locations so you can create your own "Art Walk" !

photo of one of the Wind Sculptures
Artists Jonathan Russell and Saori Ide said, “Our idea is to create playful and eye-catching sculptures that both pedestrians and drivers alike can enjoy."

The public art project is intended to enhance and enliven San Pablo Ave in El Cerrito. The abstract metal sculptures are located in pairs or trios along the length of San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito as follows:
• Two sculptures near the Carlson Blvd. intersection (east & west sides)
• Three sculptures near City Hall - Manila/Bay View intersection (2 east side, 1 west side)
• Two sculptures at the Potrero Ave. intersection (east & west sides)
• Three sculptures near the Hill Street intersection (1 east side, 2 west side)
• Two sculptures near the Conlon Ave. intersection (east & west sides)

Read more about the background of the San Pablo Avenue Streetscape Public Art Project.

If you would like more information about the San Pablo Avenue Public Art Project, please contact Arts and Culture Commission staff liaison Alexandra Orologas at 510-215-4302.

Watch a short video to see a bird's eye view of the sculptures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCL_-pVg2X4