Crime Scene Investigations Unit

CSI Trailer 2.JPGThe ECPD has six Officers and Corporals who are trained Crime Scene Investigators. They attend specialized training and have equipment in their patrol vehicles as well as in the Department’s Crime Scene Response vehicle, a trailer which is deployed to major crime scenes. CSI Units are used to process the scene of death investigations, sexual assaults, serious traffic collisions and arsons.

The duty of a Crime Scene Investigator is to examine the scene in such detail that he or she can uncover evidence and clues. Crime Scene Investigators must be both patient and meticulous. It is not unusual for a Crime Scene Investigator to spend hours on a serious crime scene. The Crime Scene Investigator will take photos, measurements, and thorough notes at the scene. He or she will also process the scene for latent (hidden) fingerprints and collect any relevant evidence. When the Crime Scene Investigator collects evidence, he or she is responsible for booking it into evidence, assuring the chain of custody remains intact, and for testifying about the evidence at trial.