Baxter and Cerrito Creeks

Creek Images

Baxter Creek at Poinsett Park:

This segment of creek was daylighted (brought above ground) a few years ago when the City Engineer determined that restoring a natural creek would be the most cost and resource effective response to a failing culvert. After the successful daylighting of Baxter Creek at Poinsett Park, the City has been pursuing creek restoration projects to beautify the landscape; promote and demonstrate a commitment to clean water and environmental stewardship; and respond to citizen interest and regional goals for a preserved, enhanced and restored natural ecosystem within the urban environment.

Baxter Creek at Gateway Park:

This segment of creek was restored in 2005 after citizens formed a group-Friends of Baxter Creek-to advocate for the purchase of the land from the Santa Fe Railroad, and its restoration.

Baxter Creek Maintenance and Management Guide

Cerrito Creek at the El Cerrito Plaza:

This segment of creek was restored a few years ago. The all-volunteer Friends of Five Creeks coordinates education and maintenance activities at the creek at the Plaza and west of San Pablo Avenue from Adams to Creekside Park.