Residential Rental Inspection Program

The goal of the Residential Rental Inspection Program is to ensure that rental housing units are in compliance with the El Cerrito Municipal Code.

What constitutes a rental unit?

A rental unit includes a dwelling unit in an apartment complex, an in-law unit, a duplex, or a single-family home, which is rented or occupied by any person other than the legal owner of the property for any portion of a year, regardless of whether any compensation is received.
Note: All property owners with rental units are required to obtain a City of El Cerrito business license and sign up for the City Rent Registry.


All residential rental units are subject to the code except:
  • Section 8 Housing Units that are inspected annually by the Housing Authority.
  • Newly constructed residential rental units less than five (5) years old.
  • Units occupied by the legal owner of the property
  • The property is vacant and will not be rented in the near future

Did you receive a notice that you are due for an inspection?

If you have received written notice from the City of El Cerrito that you are due for an inspection, please follow the directions stated in the notice. Please fill out this form to request an inspection and someone from the City will call you to schedule. Payment is due when the inspection is scheduled.

If you have any questions regarding the administration of this program, please email or call 510-215-4363.

Resources for Landlords and Home Owners:

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