Qualifying Criteria

NTMP requests must be for a street not classified as a principal/major arterial and satisfy at least one of the thresholds listed below. See Appendix A of the NTMP Report for the City's Roadway Classification, Pedestrian Routes, and Bikeways Maps.

1. The 85th-percentile speed* must be in excess of the posted speed limit by more than 2 to 4 miles per hour (mph) as follows:
  • Local Streets or Pedestrian Routes - 27 mph
  • Other Collector or Minor Arterial Streets - 29
*NOTE: When the speeds of all motorists at one location are ranked from slowest to fastest, the 85th-percentile speed separates the slower 85 percent from the fastest 15 percent, who typically pose the greatest safety hazard.

2. Average daily vehicular traffic volume must exceed the amount of traffic that would typically be generated by land uses with direct access on that block and the following:
  • Local Streets - 1,000 vehicles per day
  • Collector Streets - 2,500 vehicles per day
  • Minor Arterial Streets - 4,000 vehicles per day
3. Collision data during the last available 36 months demonstrates that the numbers of collisions are above the City-wide average for a similar type of street/intersection.

City staff will review the reported concerns including any available collision, traffic volume and speed data. This is to determine if raised traffic issues meet the NTMP qualifying criteria. If City staff determines that the reported traffic issues do not meet the criteria, staff will inform the neighborhood lead that no further action will be taken at this time. However, the resident may resubmit the request at a later date.