Electronic Bike Lockers

Plaza eLockers Aerial PhotoIn an effort to provide safe and accessible bicycle parking throughout El Cerrito, the City has installed bicycle lockers at a number of strategic locations: El Cerrito Plaza BART Station, El Cerrito del Norte BART Station, City Hall (10890 San Pablo Ave), and the Community Center (7007 Moeser Lane).

The lockers provide secure, covered and weather-protected individual bicycle parking spaces operated by BikeLink. Lockers require an individual bike locker card, which may be purchased at the El Cerrito Plaza BART Station Snack Bar or online at www.BikeLink.org.

The City has also installed bike racks at bus stops along San Pablo Avenue, at City Hall, at the Community Center, in City parks, and at public schools. The City will continue to explore opportunities for additional bicycle parking throughout town and will require new developments along San Pablo Avenue to include accessible bicycle parking as part of their projects.