Newsrack Permit

Newsrack PhotoOn March 7, 2011, the El Cerrito City Council adopted Ordinance 2011-01 pertaining to Newsrack Zones.

The ordinance establishes uniform rules in established newsrack zones. Zone One is designated along San Pablo Avenue and includes 100 feet down each side street. Other zones may be created in the future by the City Council.

A permit is required. Publishers may have several boxes along the corridor; that can be handled by a single permit. The permit fee will cover a three year period and pays for administration of the program and maintenance of the pedestal bases.

Each publisher will be responsible for maintaining their box(es) including the pay mechanism and operation of the hardware. Advertising is restricted to a simple identification sticker on the front and back of each box no more than five inches high.

There are provisions for the City to remove boxes that are abandoned or in disrepair.