Grading and Transportation

If you are moving more than 50 cubic yards of earth/soil/rock, you will need a Grading & Transportation Permit. The Grading & Transportation Permit Application must be submitted concurrently with the Building Permit Application. Large grading projects, such as for new single-family homes, will require a Grading Plan Check with corresponding Master Permit Fees. For smaller grading projects, plan check fees are covered under the Building Permit Fees.

The grading plan must include the following:
  1. existing and proposed contour lines;
  2. location, description, and elevations of reference benchmark;
  3. amount in cubic yards of total cut/fill, top/toe of cut/fill slopes and quantity of import/export;
  4. provisions for protecting adjacent properties and existing improvements during construction; and
    provisions for erosion and sediment control in conformance with California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) Stormwater Best Management Practice Handbook for Construction


  • The Grading Permit must be obtained concurrently with the Building Permit for it to be valid. The grading permit fees are not applicable until construction is ready to begin. Please fill out the Grading & Transportation application and send it to and include the required documentation and fees.
  • The application requires contractor information, including contractor name, address, both the business and state license info, and proof of liability insurance.
  • Please allow for two to three weeks for review and approval of a complete application.
  • Please note that your contractor will need to also have a City of El Cerrito business license. For information about the business license, please call the Business Licenses Office at 510-215-4314.

For questions about the grading permit, please contact Public Works at 510-215-4382.

Please call the Building Department at 510-215-4360 for questions regarding Building Permits.