The El Cerrito Municipal Code requires that adjacent property owners keep their sidewalks in good repair and safe for public travel. The City will repair or replace sidewalks that have been damaged by City street trees and correct any surface displacement that poses a tripping hazard to a pedestrian. Damaged, broken, or deteriorating concrete not caused by City trees must be repaired or replaced by the property owner. A City encroachment permit is required to do this work and sidewalks must conform to City standards.

The Municipal Code also requires keeping the sidewalk clear of vegetation overgrowth. Please trim back any vegetation in your yard that may cause an obstruction to pedestrians on city sidewalks or other public paths of travel. In addition, if you own or live on a corner lot property, all vegetation should be trimmed regularly so that vehicles and pedestrians are visible to on-coming traffic. In particular, vegetation within the 35-foot sight triangle of the street corner should be kept below 36 inches of height.

For more information or to report a hazardous sidewalk condition, please contact the Maintenance Division or call 510-215-4369. To get an Encroachment Permit, visit here or contact the City’s Public Works Department at 510-215-4382.

Corner Lot Diagram