Fitness Swim

LAP Swim | Water Walking | Independent Exercise

Fitness swim Lane Reservations begin Monday 6/29 (for Membership Pass holders)
or Wednesday 7/1 (For non-Pass holders)

Masters Lane Reservations Begins Wednesday 7/1

Gators Registration begins Wednesday 7/1

Ages 14+
Get in shape in our heated pool! Swimming is a great workout that improves cardiovascular health, tones muscle and helps maintain a healthy weight. Lanes may be reserved online only, no drop-in or in-person reservations.

Lane reservations can be made by customers 14 years or older, you must have a birthdate in the system for it to recognize your age. If your birthdate is not in the system, please email it to and we will enter it the system.

Information on the steps the Swim Center is taking to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus, plus times, dates, and how to reserve lanes, is in the Policies Manual.


Beginning Monday July 6, 2020, Fitness Swim will be available for the following times:


Lanes are reserved on the hour for 45-minute time periods. The last reservations will be taken at 1pm and 7pm.

*Please note the pool will remain open every Monday from 8am-9am during yard maintenance.

Membership Passes

A Membership Pass allows customers to register earlier than those without the pass for lanes, allowing first pick of lane reservations. This pass gets you  up to a 20% discounted price on lane reservations. The membership pass is not a punch pass, you will still need to reserve lanes and pay the separate, discounted lane reservation fee.  

Membership Pass-holders will be able to register for their lanes 14-days in advance. Swimmers without a membership pass will be able to register for their lanes 11-days in advance.

You can purchase a Membership Pass online.  For instructions on how to purchase and membership pass and/or reserve lanes, please click here.

Fees - Membership Pass

Membership Pass (valid for 30-days):
$45 Resident
$56 Non-Resident

Membership Pass Holder per Lane Price:
$8 Resident
$10 Non-Resident

Pass-Holders can reserve lanes up to 14-days in advance

Fees - Fitness Swim

Per Lane Price:
$10 Resident
$12 Non-Resident

Non-Pass Holders can reserve lanes up to 11-days in advance

New Lap Swim Etiquette

  • Swim only in the lane you registered for. Lane number is on your receipt and posted in front of each lane.
  • Lane 1 is the shallow lane with the stairs. Lane 10 is the deep lane with the ladder.
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times until in the water.
  • To comply with physical distancing, swim in the middle of your lane. If you must use the stairs/ladder:
    • Use the stairs/ladder closest to your lane
    • Move through lanes as close to the wall as possible
    • Ask the swimmers in each lane to move 6 feet away from the wall while you pass through their lane
    • Go under lane lines, not over
  • Equipment is not available for use. Swimmers may bring their own equipment such as kick boards and pull buoys
  • Painters’ tape will be placed along the pump room wall and in front of each lane for customers bags and belongings. Nothing can be placed inside lockers or on tables/chairs on the deck. Customers must place their belongings inside the painters’ tape.
  • No tables, chairs, picnic tables, or other deck equipment will be available for use.

Emery G. Weed Lap Pool Lane Assignments

Lane Numbers Opens in new window

Lap Swim Information

  • One length of the pool is 25 yards. One mile is approximately 72 lengths (or 36 laps).
  • Swim caps are not required but are encouraged for swimmers with long hair.
  • Swimmers must bring their own equipment, no equipment will be provided by the Swim Center.
  • Recreation swimming and/or playing in the water is not permitted during Lap Swim.