Parking Citations

Parking Enforcement

The El Cerrito Police Department enforces state laws and municipal ordinance parking violations. The fines amounts are based on laws of the State of California or as in the case of municipal ordinances, pursuant to the City of El Cerrito Master Fee Schedule.

Instructions for Paying or Appealing a Citation

Within 21 calendar days of the citation date:

    Pay your citation Online or,

    A) Mail payment in the provided envelope. Please put the citation number on your check or money order.
    Make checks payable to "CPC".

    City of El Cerrito c/o Citation Processing Center
    P.O. Box 22814
    Denver, CO 80222-2814

    B) Failure to pay in 21 calendar days may result in late penalties being assessed.

    C) If you have a valid reason for contesting this violation, you must do so in writing. Use the envelope provided for mailing.
    If you fail to pay or appeal this citation as directed on the citation, vehicle registration will be withheld. Repeated unpaid parking citations may result in the vehicle being towed and/or impounded.
Important note: The citations are processed by an outside company, therefore they can not be paid at the Police Department. To reach the Citation Processing Center with questions regarding making a payment, please call 510-423-7275. Please have your citation number or vehicle license plate when making the call.