Vial of Life Program—Get Yours Now!

The Vial of Life program is a nationally recognized program that assists emergency medical workers when responding to and treating individuals during home medical emergencies.

The Vial of Life contains the medical history of an individual needed by the responding emergency medical personnel, such as: existing medical conditions, allergies, medication currently being taken, emergency contact information, and resuscitation wishes. This important medical and patient information is placed on a standardized form, and placed in a baggie, which is stored on your refrigerator.

When you have a medical emergency in your home—police, fire, and EMS personnel will look on your refrigerator door for a Vial of Life magnet and baggie. Upon seeing this magnet on your refrigerator door, they will retrieve the completed information from the baggie. This information will assist responding emergency medical personnel with previous medical history, medications and other related information that may be used in the treatment of you or your family member. The kit consists of an information form, baggie and magnet. If multiple persons have Vial of Life kits in the same household it is a good idea to include a photo in the envelope with the medical information to insure the proper identification of each patient.

Obtain your free Vial of Life kit! Simply complete the online request form or call the El Cerrito-Kensington Fire Department at 215-4450.

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