Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics | Independent exercise

Ages 14+
The El Cerrito Swim Center is excited to offer Water Aerobics - a fun way to improve fitness while enjoying the pool. With new strategies and protocols in place to keep participants as safe as possible during the pandemic, classes will maintain focus on aerobic endurance, resistance training, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere amongst community.

Independent Exercise is offered at times when an instructor is not available. Space is available for everyone to come and do their own work out. Because there is no instructor,  the Fitness Swim fee is charged during Independent Exercise times.

CLASS CAPACITY: There will be 4-5 lanes (including the shallow lane), with 8 - 10 participants per lane. We will do our best to keep the limit to 8 per lane, however if one lane only has 2 participants in it, they will be asked to move into the other water aerobics lanes to allow more lap swim lanes.


Schedule 1/23-2/5/23

Independent Exercise 
Independent Exercise 
Wednesday 1/18
Independent Exercise
Independent Exercise 
Independent Exercise


  • Water Aerobics takes place in the Emery G. Weed III Lap Pool only. The class will be in the shallow lane and half the remaining lanes. There will be no distancing enforced during Water Aerobics.
  • An Instructor will lead the workout at each time slot, subject to instructor availability. If no instructor is scheduled, pool space will be available for independent exercise.
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own training equipment, such as cuffs, water belts and dumbbells. Limited equipment is available for use (not guaranteed). Staff will sanitize shared equipment after each use.


During Independent Exercise time, Fitness Swim fees will be used instead of Water Aerobics fees. Fitness Swim fees can be found at www.el-cerrito.org/fitnessswim 

Purchase passes here!

Drop-In: $12
10-Punch Pass: $87 Res, $109 Non-Res

15% Senior Discount automatically given for swimmers over 60 years old on passes (not applicable for drop-in)

Please note:

High-Use Facility: This is a high-use facility with multiple programs happening at a time. During your reservation or program time, other programs may be occurring that have loud music or amplified sound and take up portions of the pool.

Verification of Residency: Proof of household address may be requested at any time to verify residency. This may be in the form of a utility bill or rental lease.