Teen Sports

Girls Basketball: For the Love of Basketball

Ages: 7-14

For the Love of Basketball is a woman-owned and established girls basketball skills and development program. The curriculum, created in partnership with the Jr. NBA and WNBA’s Her Time to Play program, encourages young female athletes to play basketball and learn life skills such as teamwork, leadership and self-confidence. This small group skill training series is an opportunity for girls to take their game to the next level. Players will be placed in groups where they focus on individual improvement at a high-intensity level in five areas: shooting, ball handling, footwork, finishing school and general basketball knowledge.

Small Group: Beginner

For players starting out at the game and who want to work on developing the needed basic skills to succeed.

Instructor: For the Love of Basketball

Location: Korematsu Middle School - 7125 Donal Ave. El Cerrito CA 

Girl's Volleyball: Club V.I.P Volleyball League


The purpose of the Club V.I.P. League is to give young athletes in the East Bay the opportunity to learn, play and enjoy the sport of volleyball and experience tournament style matches. Players will have the opportunity to both build skills and play during weekday practices and matches. This program is a great introduction to players considering more competitive club leagues, as well as for club players looking to practice more. Travel around the East Bay (San Ramon, Hayward and Danville) required for matches. Schedule for matches will be on www.clubviprec.com .

Instructor: Club V.I.P. Volleyball

Location: Korematsu Middle School Gym - 7125 Donal Ave. El Cerrito CA


Instructor: Bindy Baker & El Cerrito Gymnastics Staff

Location: CC Main Hall - 7007 Moeser Lane


Ages: 9-16

The gold level is designed for older students with varying levels of gymnastics experience.


Ages: 6-13

The intermediate level is for gymnasts who have mastered basic skills and are ready for intermediate skills such as round offs, back walkovers and front handsprings. By Head Coach invitation only.


Ages: 7-16

The advance level is for the serious gymnast that is ready to learn advanced skills. Form and technique will be given a greater emphasis. By Head Coach invitation only.

Dance for Gymnasts

Ages: 7 - 16

This class is for the intermediate to advanced gymnast looking to improve competition skills such as turns, leaps, floor, beam and more. Instructor approval is required prior to registration. To get instructor approval, please email BayAreaDance@gmail.com .

Instructor: Faith Wineman

Location: CC Skylight Room - 7007 Moeser Lane El Cerrito CA


Ages: 7-18

This class teaches a traditional form of Japanese Karate known as Wado. Students will learn basic techniques including guarding, punching and kicking. Different exercises are combined with stretching and strengthening work to develop a better sense of balance, focus, self-discipline and confidence. New students must contact the instructor prior to registration. Please email lcbaltz@gmail.com . Advanced Karate also available.

Instructor: Leonard Baltz

Location: CC Main Hall & Skylight Room- 7007 Moeser Lane El Cerrito CA

Gators Pre-Team

Ages: 7-13

A year-round program focusing on transitioning from our Swim Lesson program to Gators Swim Club. Swimmers are introduced to the concepts and techniques of competitive swimming. Prerequisites: Swim 50-yards front crawl with rhythmic breathing and proper body position, 25 yards back stroke, 25-yards breaststroke and familiarity of butterfly. Please call (510) 559-7011 or email recreation@ci.el-cerrito.ca.us for more information or to arrange a tryout.

Gators Swim Club

Ages: 7 - 18

This year-round club provides a well-rounded program emphasizing individual fitness, teamwork and fun. Gators Swim Club is broken into three levels: Stroke Development, Junior Group and Senior Group. Swimmers are evaluated by coaches and placed according to skill level. Competition in swim meets is encouraged but not required, parent participation is required at swim meets. All participants are required to register with USA Swimming at www.usaswimming.org . Please call (510) 559-7011 or email recreation@ci.el-cerrito.ca.us for more information or to arrange a tryout.

Alignment Based Yoga

Ages: 16+

Yoga is a great physical exercise to release tension, increase flexibility and improve posture. It also helps to calm the mind through deep breathing (Pranayama). Students learn basic understanding of proper alignment, relaxation techniques, and yoga breathing. This class allows you to take time to connect with yourself and it helps you feel balance, tranquility and calmness through the remainder of your day. The instructor is 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered, has trained in Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar and Anusara Yoga methods, and has over 15 years of experience. She is fluent in Japanese.

Instructor: Hiromi Aoki Jones

Location: Location: Garden Room - 7007 Moeser Lane

Polynesian Dance: Beginning

Ages: 12+

Learn the ancient and modern dances of Hawai’i, Samoa, Tahiti and Aotearoa (New Zealand) coupled with their cultural background. Kumu (teacher) leads the dance troupe “Hui Hula o na Pu’uika Noe.”

Instructor: Kalena Gregory

Location: Skylight Room - 7007 Moeser Lane


Ages: 12+

This class is for wahine dancers who have had at least 2 years of ancient and modern hula, Samoan Tahitian dance. Kumu (teacher) leads the dance troupe “Hui Hula o na Pu’uika Noe.”

Instructor: Kalena Gregory

Location: Skylight Room - 7007 Moeser Lane

Shinshin Toitsu Aikido

Ages: 14+

Akido teaches how “not to fight” using meditation, breathing coordination exercises and Aikido techniques. Classes are taught by Maida sensei, 7th dan, senior personal student of Koichi Tohei 10th dan. The goal is to clearly envision potential conflicts and change reactions to those conflicts. All are welcome. Price is based on a monthly fee which allows for two classes per week. Free trial class available.

Instructor: Ki Research Institute

Location: Castro Clubhouse B - 1420 Norvell Avenue

Tendo Ryu Naginata

Ages: 12+

Established over 400 years ago in Japan, Tendo-ryu is one of many classical schools of Japanese martial arts that employ the Naginata. Naginata is long weapon. Our practice naginata is wooden and represents a 6ft staff with an 18-inch curved blade on the end. Initially, practice is solo, but all the kata are eventually performed with a partner who has a wooden sword. Because this is a partnered martial art, you will learn focus, concentration and etiquette. Beginners are always welcome. No prior martial arts experience necessary. Price is based on a monthly fee.

Instructor: Eric Montes

Location: CC Main Hall - 7007 Moeser Lane