November 2019 Ballot Measure H

What you need to know to vote

Voter Information Guides Mailed - 9/26/2019
Vote by Mail Ballots Mailed - 10/07/2019
Voter Registration Deadline - 10/21/2019
Last Day to Request a Vote by Mail Ballot – 11/01/2019
Last Day to Return or Mail a Vote by Mail Ballot – 11/05/2019

The last day to register for the November 5, 2019 Election is Monday, October 21, 2019.

To check your registration status, visit the County’s website. To register to vote online, visit the Secretary of State’s website. Residents can also complete a paper registration form at City Hall and submit to the City Clerk. For questions on your registration status, contact the County at 925-335-7800.

If you are already registered to vote but want to change to receive your ballot in the mail, you have several easy options to change.

Call the County at 925-335-7800
Email the County at
Text COCOBALLOT to 28683 (2Vote)

To request an accessible Vote by Mail Ballot, please email 
The deadline to request a Vote by Mail Ballot for the November election is Friday, November 1, 2019.

In order for your ballot to count you MUST sign the envelope, indicate your residential address and the ballot envelope MUST be postmarked no later than November 5, 2019

A new 24/7 permanent Vote by Mail Ballot box is available at City Hall up until 8:00 pm on election day, located outside adjacent to the south entrance.A Vote by Mail Ballot box is available on the first floor of City hall, at the base of the stairs, during normal business hours.

Polling place information is included in the voter’s information guide and can be looked up by name or address on the County’s website.

Assistance - Voters unable to complete their ballot may bring one or two persons with them into the voting booth to assist them, or they may ask poll workers to provide assistance.
Equipment. An accessible ballot marking device is available at every polling place and has features to assist voters in reading and marking a ballot independently.
Curbside voting - If architectural barriers prevent an elderly or disabled voter from entering the polling place, poll workers will bring the necessary voting materials to the voter in front of the polling place.
Reading tools - Every polling place has special sheets to magnify the type on the sample ballot pamphlet and ballot.
Seated voting - Every polling place has at least one voting booth which allows voters to vote while sitting in a chair or a wheelchair.

about measure H

On July 16, 2019 the City Council voted to call a special election November 5, 2019 for the purpose of placing a measure on the ballot asking the following question:

To maintain El Cerrito’s quality of life, continuing local control of recreation services/parks, including maintaining/improving: swim center pools, locker rooms/restrooms; city parks, walking paths, playfields/open space; and program space for children, families, adults/seniors; shall a measure be adopted extending the 2000 voter approved measure, with no increase of the current $58.46 per single family residential unit or other rates, until repealed by voters, providing $650,000 annually, with all funds benefiting El Cerrito?


On August 15, 2019, the Contra Costa County Registrar of Voters assigned measure letters based on random draw. The El Cerrito Measure was assigned Measure H.

The Notice for the City Ballot Measure Election, including the ballot question, was posted throughout the city, published in West County Times and on the City's website.

Campaign committees primarily formed to support or opposed local measures on the November 5, 2019 ballot are required to file pursuant to the Fair Political Practices Commission filing schedule. Please visit the campaign disclosure page for more information. 

Relevant information regarding this measure is available below:

Staff Report for Submitting Measure

Resolution Calling Special Election and Submitting Measure

Proposed Ordinance Amending and Restating Chapter 4.56 of the El Cerrito Municipal Code

Impartial Analysis

Argument In Favor of Measure

No Argument Against the Measure was filed by the established deadline.

For more information, please contact the City Clerk at or 510-215-4305.