Public Works Department

The Public Works Department consists of two Divisions: the Engineering Division, which operates from City Hall, and the Operations + Environmental Services Division (OESD), which operates from the Recycling + Environmental Resource Center and the Corporation Yard.

The mission of the Public Works Department is to plan, design, construct, and maintain public facilities and infrastructure that support the quality of life for the citizens of El Cerrito in a way that ensures an economically and environmentally sustainable future.

Important Notice - Preparing for the Rainy Season

The City needs your cooperation and assistance to make sure that our storm drainage system functions properly and to minimize the risk of flooding. Read on to see how you can help in preparing for the rainy season.

Department Programs:

  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP) – assess needs, plan improvements, develop budgets, seek funding opportunities, oversee design and construction of public facilities and infrastructure
  • Clean Water Program – on-going management of the City’s Clean Water Program, including compliance with federal and state requirements for stormwater discharges, street sweeping trash load reduction, commercial inspection, new development and construction controls, and integrated pest management.
  • Engineering Permits – review plans, issue permits and perform inspections for work by private contractor, utilities and other agencies that affects the public right of way.
  • Land Development/Community Development Support – assist the Community Development Department by performing design review and inspection of private development, citywide planning and regional projects.
  • Maintenance Services – on-going maintenance and repair of streets, sidewalks, traffic signs and signals, street lights, civic buildings, City trees, parks, playfields, open spaces, paths, trails, storm drains and creeks.
  • Solid Waste Management & Recycling – ongoing operation of the drop-off Recycling & Environmental Resources Center and City’s curbside recycling collection program, and management of various solid waste management programs.
  • Storm Drain Program – evaluate needs and plan for improvements to the storm drainage system per the City Storm Drain Master Plan.