Get 100% Renewable Energy

The City of El Cerrito has joined California's renewable energy movement by opting up to MCE's Deep Green 100% renewable energy service! By using 100% pollution-free electricity sourced from California solar and wind, we will be reducing an estimated 2 37 metric tons of greenhouse gases annually which has the environmental impact of diverting 75 tons* of waste from the landfill.

Team Up with Your City! We encourage you to take a couple of seconds to #optUP to Deep Green on your computer or mobile device. The typical home with Deep Green service eliminates about one metric ton of greenhouse gases in a year - that's like reducing the annual gasoline consumption of your automobile by 113 gallons*!

Deep Green is Affordable. For the average home, Deep Green costs about $4** more per month than your current electric service. Plus, half of your premium will fund the build out of local solar projects, such as MCE SolarOne.

Have questions? We have answers at or 1(888) 632-3674. Or contact City of El Cerrito's Environmental Analyst, Will Provost, at

Click Here to #optUP to Deep Green!

*Statistic derived from United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Greenhouse Gas Reductions equivalency calculator.

**Deep Green costs a penny more per kilowatt-hour ($0.01/kWh) than standard MCE Light Green 50% renewable energy service. The cost of Deep Green varies according to how much energy you use. The typical home spends $4.63 on Deep Green per month. For additional information, we invite you to visit